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Tatsuki Fujimoto Before Chainsaw Man: 22-26

Tatsuki Fujimoto Before Chainsaw Man: 22-26
Chapter 1. Siren Rhapsody (Ningyo Rhapsody, 人魚ラプソディ) In a world where sirens are common, the protagonist is a hybrid of a human father and a mermaid mother. He's always playing the piano under the sea, when a strange siren approaches him…

Chapter 2. "When I Woke Up I had Become a Girl" Disease (Me wo Sametara Onnanoko ni Natteita Byou, 目が覚めたら女の子になっていた病) A boy wakes up to discover he has become a girl! How will this affect his daily life?!

Chapter 3. Nayuta of the Prophecy (Yogen no Nayuta, 予言のナユタ) A tale about a prophecy involving a girl with horns who is said to bring destruction upon the world, and her brother.

Chapter 4. Little Sister's Elder Sister (Imouto no Ane, 妹の姉) A story about sisters aspiring to be artists.